Crisis Management

Crisis Management, The PRview

We are specialists in crisis communication. We are great listeners and fast workers.

We necessitate the use of different crisis management strategies. Potential crisis are enormous but crisis can be clustered. We utilize crisis management modules to help our clients handle unexpected developments. During this process it is important to identify types of crisis in that different crisis and contain the ripple effects of a difficult situation.

When you need us most, The PRview Strategies has the resources and experience to immediately assemble a crisis team whose sole focus is to protect your reputation. We are the experts who know the web and how it works and we know the media, legal system, government and business and how they work. More importantly we know how all of these elements work together and how they can be used in harmony to work for you.

We understand the pressures businesses face - a crisis impacts on all of your stakeholders, not just "the media". Clients rely on us to work around the clock to support a client in crisis. We have done so in cases of nation-wide insolvency proceedings, product recalls, major industrial accidents, environmental mishaps, corporate sponsorship issues, union confrontations, politically-based controversies and plant closures. Our approach to crisis management is both practical and methodical, covering every stage of crisis preparedness, training and response: We repair and rebuild your reputation after a crisis and make it even stronger, prevent and prepare for crisis.